Drug Insurance

According to the Act respecting prescription drug insurance, a professional order that offers a group personal insurance program must also offer drug insurance, and any member of the Order under age 65 must subscribe to said insurance if he or she does not want to be insured or cannot be insured under another group insurance program that includes drug insurance. The Order has signed a memorandum of agreement with broker Lussier Dale Parizeau (LDP) to manage its group personal insurance, Les Sur Mesures—a made-to-measure insurance plan. Since January 1, 2015, and for the next five years, the insurance premiums, deductible amount and coinsurance of the insurance plan to which OTTIAQ members must adhere, are not superior to those of the public insurance plan and the other conditions are not inferior to those of the public insurance plan.


Lussier Dale Parizeau offers OTTIAQ members “Les Sur mesures,” a personal insurance program that includes the following coverage:

  • Long-term salary replacement insurance
  • Life insurance/member and spouse
  • Health care insurance
  • Dental care insurance
  • Overhead insurance
  • Travel and international assistance insurance
  • Drug insurance
  • Critical illness insurance

To get an overview of all the services offered by Lussier Dale Parizeau, visit the microsite set up for OTTIAQ members.


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