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Translation Revision


March 13, 2024, 1:00 4:00 p.m. 



Devon Yetman

Duration: 3hrs

Feel you’ve mastered translation and are ready to take on another role as a language service provider? Have professional experience as a translator but feel you’d be more effective and fulfilled as a reviser? Then register for this all-new Translation Revision (of French-English Translation) course, designed to begin preparing you for this indispensable quality assurance stage in the translation process. This course will help you cultivate and hone key skills you need to revise others’ translations. It builds on the ISO 17100 standard for companies within the translation industry to provide guidance and practice in key areas of the reviser’s responsibility: ensuring suitability (of the translation) for purpose; ensuring correctness of syntax, phraseology, spelling, and punctuation; ensuring compliance with a style guide or brief where relevant, and ensuring compliance with spelling conventions in the target language. The course will be offered online in two 3-hour modules.

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