Obligations - OTTIAQ

When you become a member of a professional order, you are required to fulfill certain obligations.


Members must take out professional liability insurance unless they meet one of the conditions set out in section 2 of the Règlement sur l’assurance responsabilité professionnelle.

Refer to the Professional liability insurance page.

According to the Act respecting prescription drug insurance, a group insurance plan offered by a professional order must include prescription drug coverage. All Order members under age 65 must enroll in this plan if they cannot or do not wish to enroll in a different group insurance plan with prescription drug coverage.

Refer to the Prescription drug insurance page.

Practising within a partnership or joint-stock company

Members carrying out professional activities within a joint-stock company or a limited liability partnership must comply with the Regulation respecting the practice of the profession within a partnership or a joint-stock company.


Refer to the Practising within a partnership or joint-stock company page.