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Want to add a language pair?

Request to add a language pair

Fill out the form and pay the fee of $260 per pair. Your new language pairs will then be displayed in the Order’s directory. Please note that all new language pairs will be subject to inspection within six months of being added to your file.

Remember that our mission to protect the public is an inherent part of being a member of the Order, as per section 3 of our code of ethics:

  1. Before providing a professional service, a member shall take into account the limitations of his abilities, his knowledge and the means at his disposal. Specifically, he shall not undertake work for which he is not sufficiently prepared without obtaining the necessary assistance or information.

It is important to remain committed to your professional responsibility in all that you do.

Please return your completed form to Bénédicte Assogba, by email. If you have any questions, you can email or call her at 514-845-4411, ext. 1231.