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What is the mentorship program?

The OTTIAQ Mentorship program allows future professionals to:

  • Learn OTTIAQ’s standards, rules, tools and professional responsibilities
  • Integrate knowledge acquired at university into a professional context
  • Benefit from the guidance and supervision of a mentor, an experienced member who will help them achieve their objectives

The program is supervised by OTTIAQ and takes place over three months. For university graduates, the program costs $500 plus taxes. If you are still a student, you can do a mentorship for free as part of your university program (see university mentorship).

  • Translation mentorship: Candidates must translate 12,000 words, and submit their work to their mentor.

NOTE: Candidates must complete the minimum required number of words. If you do not have access to enough material to meet the requirements, OTTIAQ can provide you with additional texts.

  • Terminology mentorship: Candidates must perform ad hoc research on 15 terms and create 15 full records using this research. They must also perform two term analyses, a subject-field tree and a lexicon of 30 terms.


Mentors and candidates meet once a month to discuss the work accomplished and various aspects of the professional practice included in the program. Candidates must be proactive and take the required initiatives to achieve the program’s objectives, such as asking questions, performing research, gathering information, observing and seeking out feedback from their mentor.

Types of mentorship

Program activities and evaluation forms

If you have any questions, please contact Lynda Godin at lgodin@ottiaq.org.

For a full list of required documents and to register, click here.