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Certified translators, terminologists and interpreters in Quebec offer quality services in 30 languages and many areas of specialization.


Digital signature by Notarius

Certified translators, terminologists and interpreters are increasingly required to use new technologies in their daily work, but the documents that they prepare are still subject to strict reliability requirements. OTTIAQ has chosen Notarius as the official provider of its digital signature. For an electronic document prepared by a certified translator, terminologist or interpreter to be legally reliable and have the same value as an original paper copy stamped with the Order’s seal, the electronic document must be signed with OTTIAQ’s digital signature: CertifiO for professionals. Some of our members are already using this signature in their work.


For all questions about OTTIAQ’s digital signature, contact Bénédicte Assogba, Certification Officer, at or 514-845-4411, extension 1231.

Why should you work with a certified professional?

OTTIAQ, like other professional orders, has a mandate to protect the public by:

• Applying high certification standards
• Ensuring that members comply with the Professional Code, the Code of ethics and OTTIAQ’s regulations
• Supervising the practice of the profession through a professional inspection program

OTTIAQ recognizes and validates its members’ level of qualification

OTTIAQ members must have a bachelor’s degree in translation or equivalent training. The quality of their work and management practices are also examined.

OTTIAQ members must follow a code of ethics and regulations

OTTIAQ members must follow a code of ethics and regulations, particularly regarding record-keeping and confidentiality.

OTTIAQ members must take out professional liability insurance

OTTIAQ members are covered by professional liability insurance.

OTTIAQ members must maintain their level of competency

OTTIAQ members must maintain their level of competency by attending various continuing education activities every year. 

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