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L’antenne express is a twice-monthly newsletter sent to members, certification candidates, student members and a list of voluntary subscribers. It covers various topics, including upcoming events, general information, OTTIAQ news and other relevant information connected to the language profession.

Circuit is the magazine of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec. Published four times per year, Circuit provides content on language, communication and translation. Every issue proposes a theme around a topic of interest along with several columns and practical information.

Circuit is a two-time winner of the best periodical presented by the International Federation of Translators.

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Annual reports

At the end of each year, OTTIAQ publishes an annual report that is distributed to members at the General Meeting.

Terminology articles (in French)

Articles written by Carlos del Burgo, Certified Translator, Certified Terminologist

Terminology chronicle (in English)

Les chroniques en anglais sont rédigées par Barbara McClintock, traductrice agréée, terminologue agréée

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