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A custom program just for you

The mentorship program is for you if you are a student in a university program recognized by OTTIAQ or if you have completed a university program recognized or considered an equivalent by OTTIAQ.

What is the mentorship program?

It is intended to help candidates:

  • Learn OTTIAQ’s standards, rules, tools and professional responsibilities
  • Integrate knowledge acquired at university into a professional context
  • Benefit from the guidance and supervision of a mentor, an experienced member, who will help achieve these objectives

The program is supervised by OTTIAQ and takes place over six months, either through a university degree program or following the completion of a university degree.

For a mentorship in translation, candidates must translate 25,000 words, at a pace of 5,000 words per month, and submit their work to their mentor.

For a mentorship in terminology, candidates must perform ad hoc research on 15 terms and create 15 full records using this research. They must also perform two term analyses, a subject-field tree and a lexicon of 30 terms.




Mentors and candidates meet once a month to discuss the work accomplished and various aspects of the professional practice included in the program. Candidates must be proactive and take the required initiatives to achieve the program’s objectives, such as asking questions, performing research, gathering information, observing and seeking out feedback from their mentor.

Successful completion of the mentorship program leads to certification—the official recognition of your qualifications. Certification is a way to set yourself apart and make a clear statement that you are a professional. This is invaluable in a competitive market!

Types of mentorship

Program activities and evaluation forms

The mentorship program is free!

Apply for the mentorship program

If you work for a company or are doing a regular or co-op internship, your supervisor could become your mentor if they are a member of OTTIAQ and trained by the Order.

If you are self-employed, OTTIAQ will find you a mentor.

You will have to take the training on ethics, professional conduct and professional practice for the reduced cost of $100 + tax. For a list of the required documents and to register, please visit the Future members section.

To obtain a list of the required documents and to register, click here for the mentorship in translation and here for the mentorship in terminology.

Questions? Please contact Bénédicte Assogba, Certification Officer: