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Want to add a language pair?

Add a language pair

To add a language pair, fill out the form below and pay the fee of $275 per pair* (one form per pair). Please note that the professional inspection committee must confirm your proficiency in the new language pair before it can be added to your file.**

Once you have submitted your completed form, click here to pay the fee.

IMPORTANT: You must complete and submit the form before you can pay the fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Bénédicte Assogba by  email or by phone at 514‑845‑4411, ext. 1231.


**You will be sent a notice of inspection within two weeks of submitting your form. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and provide sample translations (these do not have to be for a client) in the requested language pair. You will need to provide three samples of roughly 1,000 words, or six samples if they are official documents. The inspection committee will then send you an inspection report. If you pass your inspection, the new language pair will be added to your file and will appear in the OTTIAQ directory.

The form is available in French only.

Add a language pair

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