Mentorship Program

We know that transitioning into the job market after graduation can be challenging. That’s why we have created a mentorship program to make it easier for graduates like you to become certified professionals.


The mentorship program is the right option for you if:

      • you have completed a university program that is recognized or deemed equivalent by OTTIAQ;
      • you have less than two years of experience in your field.

To qualify for the program, you must be a salaried employee, self-employed professional or co-op student (third work term).


A program designed for graduates

How do you build a loyal client base? How do you organize your office to protect the confidentiality of your records? What resources can you use to improve your translations? How much do translators earn? How much do freelancers charge? Whatever your questions, our mentorship program will help you find the answers you are looking for. And that’s not all!

A gateway to early certification

In addition to helping you kickstart your professional career, the mentorship program leads to certification and the official recognition of your skills. Certification will get you noticed and help you stand out among your peers. That’s a tremendous edge in a competitive job market!

What’s more, by enrolling in the mentorship program, you automatically obtain Certification Candidate status. Certification candidates have access to the Order’s extranet and can register at member rates for most activities organized by the Order.



Overseen by the Order, the mentorship program is intended to help candidates fully understand what their profession involves in terms of standards, rules, tools, responsibilities and academic qualifications. Under the program, mentees are paired with an experienced certified member (mentor), who will provide guidance and support to help them achieve their goals.

How the program works:

  1. If organized by the Order, the program covers a period of at least six consecutive months. If organized by a university as part of a co-op program leading to a degree that is recognized for certification purposes, the program covers a period of at least six months over one or more work terms.
  2. Candidates are mentored over the entire six-month period if the program is organized by the Order, and over the last three months of their final work term if the program is organized by a university.
  3. Mentors meet with their mentees regularly to look at their work, discuss all aspects of professional practice, provide insight into practice-related issues, answer questions, assess progress, and suggest improvements.
  4. At the end of the program, mentors are required to assess their mentees’ fitness to practise the profession according to recognized standards, and make a written recommendation to the Certification Committee within 30 days of program completion.

Aspects covered by the mentorship program include:

      • Compliance with the laws and regulations governing the profession
      • Financial and legal aspects of setting up a practice
      • Use of information and communication technology
      • Duty of confidentiality and professional secrecy
      • Project management
      • Promotion of professional services
      • Application of quality control methods, and much more

To qualify for the mentorship program, you must be a salaried employee, self-employed professional or co-op intern (third work term).

On-the-job mentorship

Finished your degree and found a job in the language industry? If your supervisor is a member of the Order, he or she can become your mentor. That way, you will receive guidance and training in accordance with mentorship program requirements as you begin your career.

What better way to learn than through one-on-one meetings tailored to your needs and career goals?

Mentorship for self-employed professionals

Self-employed? Let OTTIAQ find you a mentor. We will match you with an experienced certified member who works in the same language combination as you and, if possible, in the same fields. What better way to learn than through one-on-one meetings tailored to your needs and career goals?

Co-op mentorship

Co-op student? Get on the fast track by completing the mentorship program during your third work term.  As a co-op intern, you will be matched with a mentor who is a certified member of the Order and has at least five years of experience (five years on the membership roll). The mentor is chosen by the company providing the internship and must complete the mentor training and the course on ethics and professional standards of practice. Co-op mentorship works the same way as on-the-job mentorship. It’s a great way to earn your certification at the same time as your degree. Sign up now and enjoy all the benefits!



Mentees are responsible for their training and successful completion of the mentorship program.  They must translate at least 5,000 words per month in a working situation for their mentor before their monthly meeting.

Mentees must meet their mentor at least once a month, for six consecutive months.

Mentees must:

      • Work toward the objectives of the mentorship program and its activities
      • Apply themselves to their professional activities in the workplace
      • Develop their ability to work independently
      • Be open and responsive to feedback from their mentor
      • Comply with program conditions and produce the required work

Mentees must be proactive and do what it takes to achieve program objectives, including asking questions, doing research, finding information, observing, and seeking feedback from their mentor. They must also make sure that their mentor sends their evaluations to the Admissions Secretary on time.



Mentors are experienced OTTIAQ-certified members who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with mentees.

The Order pairs mentees with mentors who work in the same areas (translation, terminology) and language combinations and, wherever possible, in the same fields.

Would you like to become a mentor? Go to the Becoming a Mentor section to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a mentor and find out how you can apply.



If you are a salaried employee or a co-op intern on a work term, your supervisor could become your mentor provided that he or she is a member of OTTIAQ and has completed the mentor training. In this case, you would have to pay only $200 plus tax to enroll in the mentorship program.*

If you are self-employed, OTTIAQ will find a mentor for you. Program fees in this case are $600, plus tax, and they include the mentor’s fee.

Additionally, like any individual applying for certification, you will have to pay the application fee ($169 + taxes) and the fee for the course on ethics and professional standards of practice ($179 + taxes).  An instalment payment plan is available.

* Certain conditions apply.


All set? To enroll in the program, please complete an Application in Translation or an Application in terminology.

For more information, please email Bénédicte Assogba, Certification Coordinator, or call 514-845-4411, ext. 231.


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