Types of mentorships - OTTIAQ

Types of mentorships

In-house mentorship

If you start a job and an OTTIAQ member works for your new company, this person can become your mentor. While you work on your first projects, your mentor will provide structured coaching based on the criteria of the mentorship program. The cost of this program is $800 plus taxes.

Self-employed mentorship

If you are self-employed, OTTIAQ can find you a mentor. The Order will match you with an experienced member working in the same language combination as you and, if possible, in the same fields. You will have personalized meetings, tailored to your situation and career goals. The cost of this program is $800 plus taxes.

Translation Bureau mentorship

If you want to do the translation mentorship program but are not currently working, OTTIAQ has a solution for you. Through an agreement with the Translation Bureau, OTTIAQ will find you a mentor and provide you with texts to translate so that you can participate in the program. OTTIAQ will send you the texts and simulate situations that will cover certain aspects of the professional practice. This means you can start the mentorship as soon as you finish school! The cost of this program is $800 plus taxes.