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What is OTTIAQ?

The Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ) is the only language professional group recognized in Quebec. Pursuant to its status as a professional order with a reserved title, OTTIAQ has the exclusive authority to award the title of certified translator (C. Tr.), certified terminologist (C. Term.) and certified interpreter (C. Int.) to its members.

Like all professional orders and associations, OTTIAQ’s primary mission is to protect the public. OTTIAQ also enhances the profile of language professionals it represents by promoting the competencies of its members and encouraging the use of their services by public and private organizations, businesses and individuals.

Lastly, OTTIAQ brings together more than 2,000 members who practice in a variety of fields and language combinations.


Student status with OTTIAQ: a simple and accessible link to the professional world

Students may register with OTTIAQ. Student status with the Order confers numerous advantages, allowing them to learn more about the profession and to develop their network of contacts.

Professional advantages


Register now!

Are you interested in the profession? Do you want to meet language professionals? Want to satisfy your curiosity?

Join more than 250 students who have registered with OTTIAQ! For as little as $45 (plus GST and QST) per year, OTTIAQ will be your link to the professional community!

In order to be eligible for student status with OTTIAQ, you need to be registered full time or part time, in a university program in translation, terminology or interpretation.

You must include proof of school attendance with your registration form (in French) to prove that you are currently a student.

For renewals, complete the renewal registration form (in French).

Please send your registration form or renewal registration form by email or by mail to OTTIAQ, 1108-2021 Union Avenue, Montreal (Quebec) H3A 2S9.


Have you just completed your bachelor’s or master’s degree?

You have several options. Learn about OTTIAQ’s mentorship program and certification candidate status. Regardless where you may be in your career path, there’s always a place for you at OTTIAQ!

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