Becoming an Aspirant

Aspirant status with OTTIAQ: A connection to the professional world

Joining OTTIAQ as an Aspirant helps to build connections with the Order and the language professionals who are members. Aspirant status is intended for new graduates (undergraduate or graduate diplomas) who are not enrolled in the mentorship program and for practising translators, terminologists and interpreters who are currently building their portfolio in preparation to apply for certification. Although not considered members in good standing of OTTIAQ, Aspirants can enjoy a range of benefits to help them become familiar with the Order, the language professions and the professional marketplace, all while building a valuable network for themselves.


Aspirant status benefits

  • Access to a network of language professionals through participation in events organized by the Order
  • Access to OTTIAQ newsletter, L’antenne express
  • Access to OTTIAQ’s online discussion group
  • Access to the member zone
  • Registration for OTTIAQ events at Partner rates (continuing education, conference, networking, International Translation Day, etc.)


Aspirant status: Maintaining your ties to the Order until you become a member

Any graduate who has not enrolled in the mentorship program can enjoy Aspirant status while building the experience needed to submit an application for certification. Holding Aspirant status allows new graduates to maintain the ties they have developed with the Order as a student, learn more about professional practice and get to know experienced translators, terminologists and interpreters. This status is also available to individuals who currently work in one of the professions regulated by OTTIAQ, but who are not members of the Order. Holding Aspirant status enables them to take advantage of all of the above benefits while they are building their portfolio and preparing to apply for certification.



To register, simply complete the registration form provided.

To renew your registration, please use  the renewal form.

For just $100 (plus GST and QST) per year, you can make OTTIAQ your connection to the world of professional translation, terminology and interpretation. You can enjoy Aspirant status for a maximum of three years, after which you must apply for certification.

Please send your registration form or renewal registration form by email or by mail to OTTIAQ, 1108-2021 Union Avenue, Montreal (Quebec) H3A 2S9.

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