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To facilitate communication among people who speak different languages  

In North America, English-, French-, and Spanish-speakers are the main beneficiaries of translation.

To safeguard regional identity

Paradoxically, globalization reinforces regional identity. Although English dominates international trade, people want to continue speaking their own language and this applies to every social sphere. Translators therefore have a crucial role to play.

To ensure the quality of the languages of communication

Translation allows us to create clear, well-written versions of messages expressed in other languages.

To adapt communications from another culture to the local context

In Québec, “football” doesn’t mean the same thing as in France, so this must be taken into account.

Here in Québec, to participate in the application of language laws

Translation plays a key role in the application of the Official Languages Act and the French Language Charter.



To increase sales

By opening up new markets and expanding your client base.

By providing access to a broader range of suppliers.

To improve the brand image

Communicating with customers in their own language and in proper written form shows respect for those on whom your existence depends.

To increase productivity and efficiency

Communicating clearly with your employees in their language, using just the right words that everyone understands, prevents miscommunications and lost time.

To expand your reach

Participating in national and international events and communicating with potential partners from coast to coast and abroad, strengthens your reputation and makes you the “go-to” reference beyond your region.


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