Complaints Review

Dissatisfied with the syndic’s decision not to file a complaint?

Within 30 days of receiving the syndic’s decision not to file a complaint, you may request the opinion of the Review Committee.

Within 90 days of receiving your request, the Review Committee will go over the whole file. The committee may ask to hear from you, the syndic, the hired language professional and necessary witnesses. At any time prior to rendering its opinion, you are entitled to submit observations to the Review Committee. After the review of the file, the complaint Review Committee may, in its opinion:

  • Conclude that there is no basis for filing a complaint before the Disciplinary Council
  • Recommend that the syndic complete its investigation and then render a new decision as to the advisability of filing a complaint
  • Conclude that there is a basis to file a complaint before the Disciplinary Council and suggest appointing an ad hoc syndic who, after the investigation, shall decide whether or not to file a complaint

Furthermore, the Review Committee may recommend that the syndic refer the file to the Professional Inspection Committee.

If you are not satisfied with the Review Committee’s decision, you may submit a private complaint directly to the Disciplinary Council. In such case, you need to establish evidence against the certified member yourself. A private complaint may incur costs and it is strongly recommended that you consult an attorney or obtain appropriate assistance.

To request a review, contact the secretary of the Review Committee. For more information about the OTTIAQ’s regulatory committees, click here.

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