How to File a Complaint

Investigation and sanction

Anyone wishing to file a complaint against an OTTIAQ member may do so by contacting the syndic, whose role is to ensure that members observe OTTIAQ regulations. The syndic is empowered to investigate the conduct of certified members. Following such an investigation, the syndic can either bring the complaint before the Disciplinary Council or try to get both parties to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

To contact the syndic bureau:

Michelle Gosselin, Certified Translator, syndic

Phone: 450-448-2256


Andy Noroozi, lawyer, Certified Translator, Certified Interpreter, LL.M. fisc., assistant syndic


  1. Dial 514 845-4411 or 1 800 265-4815, extension 221 to verify if the professional you dealt with is a certified member of the Order.
  2. Request that the syndic initiate an investigation by contacting the syndic bureau directly. We recommend you send your request to the syndic in writing (by regular or electronic mail) along with an explanation of the reasons for which you wish to file a complaint as well as any and all relevant supporting documents.
  3. The syndic will contact you once the bureau has received your request.

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