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Protection of the public

Professional inspection

Supervising the practice of the members of a professional order is one of the key mechanisms provided under the Professional Code for protecting the public. To ensure supervision, all orders must establish a professional inspection committee, which is responsible for, among other things, submitting a general supervision program for the practice of the profession to the board of directors for approval every year.


All professional orders are required to inspect a portion of their members every year. These inspections are carried out by inspectors who are members of the order. The inspectors share their findings and recommendations with the professional inspection committee, which decides on the next steps and communicates with the inspected members and the board of directors, if required.


OTTIAQ’ Professional Inspection Committee is made up of Carole Trottier, Certified Translator, Certified Terminologist, Chair, Jean-Jacques Lavoie, Certified Translator, Vice Chair, Jeanne Duhaime, Certified Translator, and Marielle Hébert, Certified Translator, Certified Terminologist.


Professional liability insurance

In Quebec, members of professional orders are required to take out professional liability insurance. Under OTTIAQ’s current regulations, all members must participate in the group plan, unless they meet the conditions provided for in section 2 of the Règlement sur l’assurance responsabilité professionnelle.


The coverage for each member is $1 million per claim, for a maximum of $2 million per year.