Volunteer Awards

Claire Stein Volunteer Award

The Volunteer Award was introduced to honour an OTTIAQ member who has made an outstanding contribution as a volunteer. The award was renamed the Claire Stein Volunteer Award in 2004 as a tribute to the late Claire Stein who chaired the Awards Committee for many years and contributed greatly to OTTIAQ through her volunteer work.


  • OTTIAQ member
  • Volunteer work, in quantitative or qualitative terms, on behalf of the profession
  • Exceptional contribution to OTTIAQ or specific example of excellence
  • Local, regional or provincial volunteer work related solely to OTTIAQ activities
  • Past or present volunteer position on a committee, working group or other OTTIAQ body

Information sheet on Claire Stein Volunteer Award (PDF)

Sample nomination dossier (PDF, in French only)


1997François Lavallée, trad. a.
1998Aline Manson, trad. a.
 Wallace Schwab, term .a., trad. a.ex æquo
1999Michel Buttiens, trad. a.
2000Isabelle Landry, trad. a.
2001Micheline Simard, trad. a.
2002Christiane Cadrin, trad. a.
2003François Gauthier, trad. a.
2004Noëlle Guilloton, term. a.
2005Aline Francœur, term. a.
 Ève Renaud, trad. a.ex æquo
2006Chantal de Lorme, trad. a.
2007Louise Brooks, trad. a.
2008Christiane Dussault, trad. a.
2009Marielle Hébert, term. a.
2010Alain René, trad. a.
2011Maria Duarte, trad. a.
2012Carole Trottier, trad. a., term .a
2014Jeanne Duhaime, trad. a.
2015Jean-Jacques Lavoie, trad. a.
2016Sébastien St-François, traducteur agréé
2017Ho-Thuy Vo, term .a., trad. a.
2018Michel Parent, traducteur agréé


Claire Stein Volunteer Award – New Members

This award is designed to honour a new OTTIAQ member who has made an outstanding contribution as a volunteer with the Order.


  • OTTIAQ member for less than five years as of the date of nomination
  • Volunteer position on a working group or committee of the Order, sustained commitment to the work of the Order or exceptional contribution to a particular OTTIAQ activity

Information sheet on Claire Stein Volunteer Award – New Members (PDF)

Sample nomination dossier (PDF, in French only)


2005Marco Fiola, trad. a., term .a.
2006Andrée Proulx, trad. a.
2007Stéphanie Beaulieu, trad. a.
2008Carole LeBel, trad. a.
2009Carole Cyr, trad. a.
2011David Warriner, trad. a.


CIQ Award of Merit

This award is presented by the Quebec interprofessional council (CIQ) in recognition of the specific contribution of a member of the profession.

  • Dedicated member of the OTTIAQ or CIQ board of directors, executive committee or other committee
  • Contribution to the development of the profession within the Quebec professional system
  • Exceptional achievement related to the management, structure or development of the Order

Information sheet on the CIQ Award of Merit (PDF)


1993Jean-François Joly, traducteur agréé
1999Nada Kerpan, trad. a., term .a.
2000Betty Cohen, trad. a.
2001Bruce Knowlden, trad. a.
2002Geneviève Mareschal, trad. a.
2004Johanne Boucher, trad. a.
2007Monique C. Cormier, term. a.
2011Anne-Marie De Vos, traductrice agréée
2013François Abraham, trad. a.

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