Mérite OTTIAQ – Joseph-LaRivière

The OTTIAQ Award of Merit is designed to recognize extraordinary accomplishments or the lifetime achievements of an individual working in the language professions.

The Order wanted to innovate by offering this honorary distinction to both members and non-members. The award therefore raises the profile of the profession in the public eye and helps strengthen the image of language-related activities outside the sphere of the Order.


  • Member or non-member of OTTIAQ
  • Practising different language-related professions
  • Active in various fields directly related to the profession (computers, teaching, management, research, etc.)
  • Quantity, quality and impact of achievements

Supporting documents

  • Letter of nomination
  • Summary of pertinent achievements
  • Letters of recommendation (maximum 3)

Not eligible

  • Board members
  • Awards Committee members

Deadline for nominations: June 1

Note: All OTTIAQ members, with the exception of Awards Committee members, may personally nominate someone.

Presentation of award: OTTIAQ Annual conference in Montreal

Sample nomination dossier (PDF, in French only)


The winner of the 2015 Mérite OTTIAQ –Joseph-LaRivière award is Noëlle Guilloton, Certified Terminologist

Réal Paquette, traducteur agréé, président, Noëlle Guilloton, terminologue agréée, lauréate 2015 du Mérite OTTIAQ – Joseph-LaRivière 2015 et Monique C. Cormier, terminologue agréée













2001Marie-Éva de Villers
2002Robert Dubuc, traducteur agréé et terminologue agréé
2003Claude Bédard, traducteur agréé
2004Jean Delisle, traducteur agréé et terminologue agréé
2005Jean-François Joly, traducteur agréé
2006Louis Ménard, FCA
2007Jean-Claude Corbeil
2008Michel Buttiens, traducteur agréé
2009Donald Barabé, traducteur agréé
2010Isabelle Hemlin
2012Solange Lapierre
2014Suzanne Mondoux, traductrice agréée
2015Noëlle Guilloton, terminologue agréée
2016Danielle Matteau
2017Nathalie Cartier, traductrice agréée et terminologue agréée
2018Dominique Bohbot, traductrice agréée

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