Honorary Member

Distinguished and honorary members are appointed by the Board in recognition of exceptional service to OTTIAQ or the profession.


  • Current or former OTTIAQ member (with satisfactory grounds for leaving)
  • Exceptional services rendered to the profession (organization, promoting the profession)
  • International renown
  • Honorary distinction (Governor General’s Award, CIQ Award of Merit, etc.)
  • Achievements in the areas of publications, teaching, research, public presentations at conferences, etc.
  • Important contribution as head of an organization related to the profession (OTTIAQ, CTTIC, CIQ, IFT, etc.)

Supporting documents

  • Letter of nomination
  • Summary of pertinent achievements
  • Letters of recommendation (maximum 3)

Information sheet on Distinguished and Honorary Members (PDF)


Réal Paquette, C.Tr., President, Anne-Marie De Vos, C.Tr. Honorary Member 2017, and Maria Duarte, C.Tr. Photo credit : Magalie Dagenais


Mrs.  Anne-Marie De Vos, C. Tr., has been made Honorary Member of OTTIAQ in November 2017

This honor is bestowed upon Mrs. De Vos in recognition of her outstanding services to the translation profession, and of her exceptional career, both on the national and international scenes. Our sincere congratulations!






 List of OTTIAQ honorary members

  • Nycole Bélanger, C. Tr., C. Term.
  • Dr. Jacques Boulay, C. Tr., †
  • André P. Clas, C. Tr.
  • Betty Cohen, C.Tr.
  • Mary E.C. Coppin, C. Tr., C. Term. †
  • Monique C. Cormier, C. Term.
  • Jean-Claude Corbeil
  • Captain William Georges Côté, C. Tr.†
  • Paul Matricon, known as Jean-Paul Coty, C. Tr. †
  • Jean Darbelnet †
  • Anne-Marie De Vos, C.Tr.
  • René Deschamps, C. Tr.
  • André Desrochers, C. Tr.
  • Robert Dubuc, C. Tr., C. Term.
  • Éliane Orléans-Gerstein, C. Int.
  • Lucien Forgues, C. Tr., C. Term. †
  • Paul-André Fournier, C. Tr. †
  • Jeanne Grégoire †
  • Paul A. Horguelin, C. Tr.
  • Betty Howell, C. Tr.
  • Victor C. Jaar, C. Tr.
  • Jean-François Joly, C. Tr.
  • Nada Kerpan, C. Tr., C. Term.
  • Claire Laroche-Kahanov, C. Tr. †
  • Jean-Marie Laurence †
  • Me Paul Galt Michaud †
  • Armand Papineau-Couture †
  • Marcel Paré, C. Tr. †
  • Berthe Penverne †
  • Mary Plaice, C. Tr.
  • Wallace Schwab, C. Tr., C. Term.
  • David M. Stewart †
  • François Vézina †
  • Jean-Paul Vinay †

† Deceased

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