Certification in Translation

A. Determine your profile

Answer the following questions to determine your profile. Refer to the appropriate documents based on your profile for instructions on how to proceed.

1. Have you completed a university program consisting of at least 90 credits of translation-related coursework?

      • Yes. Go to the next question.
      • No. Go to Question 7.


2. Is your degree on the list of degrees recognized by OTTIAQ (PDF, French only)?

      • Yes. Go to the next question.
      • No. Go to Question 5.


3. Would you like to complete the OTTIAQ mentorship program?

      • Yes. You fall under PROFILE A.
      • No. Go to Question 4.


4. Would you like to request a mentorship program equivalence assessment?


5. Would you like to request a degree equivalence assessment[1] and complete the mentorship program?

      • Yes. You fall under PROFILE B.
      • No. Go to Question 6.


6. Would you like to request a  degree equivalence assessment[1] and a mentorship program equivalence assessment?


7. Would you like to request a training equivalence assessment?


8. Do you have sufficient knowledge of French? Refer to the leaflet provided by the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF).

      • Yes. You meet the requirements of the Charter of the French Language.
      • No. You must pass the French language test administered by OQLF.

[1] To meet the Order’s criteria, programs completed outside Quebec must include at least 30 credits of linguistic transfer coursework and 15 credits in related subjects. If your academic training is not directly related to translation or you earned your degree in Quebec, go to Question 7. If you have any questions, please call our Certification Coordinator at 514-845-4411 or
1 800 265-4815, ext. 231.





By mail:

Certification Committee
1108-2021, av. Union
Montréal (Québec)  H3A 2S9

By email:



Have questions about your application?

Please email Bénédicte Assogba, Certification Coordinator, or call 514-845-4411 or 1 800 265­4815, ext. 231.


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