Becoming a Member

Certification: Added value for the profession, the public and you!

By becoming a certified member of the Order, you join forces with the 2,100 other language professionals of OTTIAQ, the recognized authority when it comes to translation, terminology and interpretation in Quebec. Your membership promotes professional recognition and helps protect the public.

If you would like to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, certification can open doors to both employers and customers. Membership in the Order validates both your skills and your professionalism. OTTIAQ certification is a guarantee of quality that can help you obtain mandates for the translation of official documents, contracts with the federal government or a position with a translation firm or department.  

When you join the ranks of the Order, you become part of a well-established network of language professionals and gain access to numerous services that will help you to provide professional services. 


Some benefits of OTTIAQ membership

  • Professional title: Certified Translator (C. Tr.), Certified Terminologist (C. Term.) or Certified Interpreter (C. Int.)
  • Listing in OTTIAQ’s online directory: a veritable window on the profession
  • Access to job offers posted on the OTTIAQ Website
  • Continuing education program (reduced rates)
  • Access to five one-hour consultations per year with a therapist as part of the Work-Life Assistance Program (PAL)
  • Access to exclusive information in the Members Only section of the OTTIAQ Website
  • Access to the results of the survey on rates and salaries
  • Invitations to events organized by the Order: Annual Conference, International Translation Day, etc. (reduced rates)
  • Affordable professional liability insurance
  • Up-to-date information on language-related activities through Circuit magazine
  • Group insurance at competitive rates
  • Participation in OTTIAQ’s online discussion forum and networking opportunities
  • Entry in the list of translators of official documents

For information on how to become a member of OTTIAQ, please visit the OTTIAQ Certification section. 

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