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Apply as a terminology professor or instructor

Terminology professor or instructor

You must provide us with the following documents. Documents listed in italics are available in the admissions section of the Portal:

  • Your CV
  • Descriptions of the duties of positions held
  • Proof of the number of years of experience
  • Description of courses taught
  • Photocopy(ies) of your degree(s)
  • Photocopy(ies) of your university transcript(s)
  • Photocopy of your secondary or post-secondary diploma, if applicable
  • Abstract(s) or summary(ies) of submitted dissertation, thesis or relevant publications, if applicable
  • Proof and description of paid and/or unpaid internships, if applicable
  • Certification application questionnaire
  • Statutory declaration

To be certified, you will have to take our training on ethics, professional conduct and professional practice. This training can be completed entirely online and is mandatory for all new members. You can find the training on the OTTIAQ portal. The cost is $125 plus tax. After completing the training, you must also pay your dues to become a member of the Order.

Knowledge of the French language

Pursuant to section 35 of the Charter of the French Language, candidates must have appropriate knowledge of French in order to obtain certification. Refer to the section on the French exam for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinator, Professional Affairs, at 514-845-4411, ext. 1225, ext. 1225 or by email.

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