You can reach us at 514 845-4411 or 1 800 265-4815.

Marsida Nurka

Communications Assistant

Poste téléphonique : 1221

The Communications Assistant helps the public use the online directory on OTTIAQ’s website to find a certified translator, terminologist or interpreter; responds to enquiries regarding in-class continuing education workshops, workshops offered through the Formathèque, and registration for activities; answers various questions from members about the extranet (e.g., seal, stationery, etc.); and, directs correspondence to the appropriate person for complaints (e.g., the syndic, general management, etc.).

Diane, Cousineau Certified Translator

Executive Director and Access to Information Officer

Poste téléphonique : 1227

The Executive Director plans for, organizes and supervises the use of human, financial, material and information resources at OTTIAQ; she ensures the progress of activities related to the annual action plan; she represents OTTIAQ to various external authorities; she provides advice to the Chairperson and other members of the Board of Directors; she responds to requests from members and from the public when such requests do not fall under the responsibility of the Communications and Client Services Director or the Professional Affairs Director, or in their absence. The Executive Director reports and accounts for her management to the Board of Directors. As Access to information Officer, she replies to all requests for access to OTTIAQ’s documents and provides a yearly account of those requests in the Annual Report.

Hélène Gauthier

Manager - Professional Affairs and OTTIAQ Secretary

Poste téléphonique : 1224

The Manager - Professional Affairs handles matters related to members’ competency: Professional inspection management, continuing education management, initial training management, disciplinary file management, mentor training. The OTTIAQ Secretary is responsible for the proper functioning of OTTIAQ authorities pursuant to applicable legislation and regulations.

Bénédicte Assogba

Certification Coordinator

Poste téléphonique : 1231

The certification coordinator handles certification candidate files; handles mentorship program candidate files; submits files to the Certification Committee and performs follows up; plans and follows up training sessions on ethics and professional practice; drafts correspondence to candidates.

Joanne Trudel

Administrative Assistant

Poste téléphonique : 1226

The administrative assistant provides support to the various managers. She also replaces the receptionist when she is absent.

Lynda Godin

Professional Affairs Assistant

Poste téléphonique : 1223

The Professional Affairs Assistant opens certification application files, and proceeds to the matching of mentors and mentees. She adds new certified members to the membership roll; carries out the annual membership fee renewal process; creates student files; and processes subscriptions to OTTIAQ’s various activities. She provides support to the Manager – Professional Affairs and OTTIAQ secretary, as well as to the Certification Coordinator.

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