Regulatory Committees

OTTIAQ Committees

Many members of the Order fill volunteer positions on various committees and working groups. Some of these committees are mandatory under the Professional Code.

The list of committees and their members is published in the last few pages of the OTTIAQ annual report.

In order to fulfill their mandate of protecting the public, all professional orders are comprised of the same regulatory committees:

Disciplinary Council

The Disciplinary Council deals with any complaint lodged against a member of the Order or a former member, if it involves an infraction of the provision of the Professional Code or regulations adopted by the Order.

Professional Inspection Committee

The Professional Inspection Committee monitors members’ professional activities. Monitoring the activities of members of a professional order is one of the essential tools for protecting the public implemented under the Professional Code.

The general monitoring program developed by the Board oversees members’ professional competence and is aimed at continuous improvement of members’ practice.

All professional orders are required to inspect a portion of their membership each year. These inspections, which are carried out by members of the Order, are overseen by the Professional Inspection Committee.

Review Committee

The function of the Review Committee is to give persons who have requested the holding of an inquiry its opinion regarding any decision of the Syndic or Assistant Syndic not to lodge a complaint.

To request a review, contact the secretary of the Review Committee.

Conciliation and Arbitration of Accounts Council

The Conciliation and Arbitration of Accounts Council (in French) handles dispute conciliation proceedings for clients who have a dispute with a member of the Order regarding fees charged for professional services.

To lodge a request for conciliation and arbitration of accounts, contact the secretary of the Conciliation and Arbitration of Accounts Council.

Training Committee of Certified Translators, terminologists and interpreters

The Training Committee (in French) considers issues relating to the quality of training of translators, terminologists and interpreters in Quebec, with regard to the job-related skills that must be acquired. The committee is an advisory committee whose mandate is to examine matters related to the quality of the training of certified translators, terminologists and interpreters, within the respective and complementary jurisdictions of the Order, of the educational institutions at the university level and of the Quebec department of education.

The Committee is composed of two representatives of Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI),  a representative of the Quebec department of education and two representatives of the Order.


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