Like all the professional orders, OTTIAQ operates as a self-governing organization; its members therefore play an active role in its management.  

OTTIAQ is divided into three geographical regions: Montreal, the Outaouais Region and the Capitale-Nationale Region. 


The Board

The Board fulfills the mandate of protecting the public and ensures that legislated procedures are observed. It administers the Order’s business.

The Board is made up of eleven directors.

Of the eleven directors, eight are members of the Order (elected directors), and three are appointed by the Office des professions. The latter perform the same functions and have the same powers and duties, with very few exceptions, as the elected directors and their role is to represent the viewpoint of public users of professional services. 

Directors are elected for two-year terms. The President of the Order is elected by the Board of Directors for a two-year term.

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