26 octobre 2010


The Perfect Touch

Région de la Capitale-Nationale (13 novembre 2010)

Turning in a perfect job may be more important to translators than to members of other professions. Lawyers can lose cases, physicians can prescribe bad drugs and accountants can file the wrong numbers without losing a bit of business. But one misplaced comma can cost the translator a valued account. A "perfect" translation combines precise terminology with impeccable style--and no typos. How can we be sure that we have rendered a text properly and phrased it exquisitely, while crossing all the t's and dotting every i? This workshop will use a series of exercises to see why we make mistakes and will deploy my "7-Layered Technique" for eradicating them. Participants will also occasionally take on the role of teacher, during what is certain to prove a stimulating session.

Josh Wallace, Cert. Tr.
Josh Wallace has been a full-time French-to-English technical translator and translation company owner and operator for almost 30 years. With hundreds of clients in different fields, Mr. Wallace has developed techniques for meeting the highest possible quality control standards, while turning out difficult texts within "impossible" deadlines.

Workshop outline
 Finding typos in a text
 The Seven Layers to a Perfect Translation: theory
 Translation and revision exercises
 Strengths and weaknesses of hiring a reviser
 The Seven-Layers to a Perfect Translation: practice

 The revision requirement under the new Canadian translation standard

Participants should bring laptops, if they have them, along with USB flash drives, printed or computer-based dictionaries and their own examples of great revision!

7 hours

Quebec City
Université Laval
Pavillon La Laurentienne, room 2416

Saturday, November 13, 2010, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Deadline for Registration: Friday October 29, 2010

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